Red Head Gone Blonde

friends call me Bina <3Probationary Fire fighter in Jersey, Bring on the heat. I'm a retired winter guardie always a dancer singer part time lover an a full time friend<3 Marched Bush 2013. I lost my best friend July 23,2013 forever in my heart you will stay<3 601

Cut deep feeling so weak. I can’t do this anymore. Goodbye my lover goodbye my almost forever.

“I was just running around with my crazy curly hair, and all the rich girls made fun of me because they said I didn’t brush my hair enough.” - Natasha (on being bullied in school)

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Anonymous said: Don't have a fake smile then? Maybe you're not getting where you'd like because you're projecting falsehoods

Honestly you could be right, however I personally have been going through alot I know everyone has problems and I’m not alone. But sometimes I feel alone. I use my smile because it hides how I really feel sometimes it’s better to stay incognito with my career path.

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I found the giraffes making love on the  TFIOS movie


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I wish someone could hear me screaming, my mouth is shut an my fake plastered smile tells you I’m okay. But inside, inside I’m hurting. Inside it’s slowly becoming numb and bitter. Just tell me how to fix myself.

So….in a matter of 2 days I almost got punched in the face. Dumped. Hmmm almost got stuck in a fire truck what else? Oh almost fell off of a ladder 3 times and….almost got punched again BOY! I am so busy 😒👍👌

Anonymous said: Wut ever happened to that girl u were with

Why do you ask me the same question all of the time? We are just civil friends.